CZWG generates something special; bringing originality, innovation and flair whilst adding extra value to every project.

Adam West, Director

A Hands-On Approach

We are a team of architects. Our approach to architecture is inspired by context and collaboration with our clients and end users. We thrive on the vibrancy brought about by diversity and character and have extensive experience in creating and delivering characterful designs that stand out from the crowd.

We are commercially astute; experts at maximising values and optimising the efficiency of sites in the knowledge that this will be beneficial to both our clients and the environment. Often projects have tight budgets and time frames. Squaring the need for financial feasibility with the desire to deliver form and flair takes both imagination and a thorough understanding of the needs of multiple stakeholders.

A hands-on approach from our senior team adds real value. They act as the critical link between multiple consultants and stakeholders and remain involved with a project at all stages.

We are frequently asked to optimise existing proposals produced by others; to make them viable whilst injecting kerb appeal. But our preference is to get it right in the first place. We pride ourselves on our experience and understanding of the planning process and requirements, and our ability to quickly provide feasibility studies for sites which can unlock real opportunities.

Founded in 1975, we bring to each project over forty years of technical and delivery experience.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is a process for creating and managing digital information which can be utilised across the lifecycle of a project. It uses computer generated 3D models and a common data environment to access and share information across the supply chain.

The benefits in the later work stages are well known - a full virtual mock-up of the building allows for extensive coordination and clash resolution before going to site. However, even at the earliest of work stages, the transparency of the BIM process avoids problems being hidden or forgotten and enables effective coordination between consultants. Our designs are much more refined as a result. Advanced workflows and production automation allow our design staff to spend less time on file management and more time designing.

Enhanced visualisation capabilities allow us to rapidly visualise, test and share our evolving design in the way people will experience our buildings – in 3D.

Typically, as lead consultant we will take on the role of BIM Coordinator. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience federating various consultants’ models into a single unified model and running clash detection workshops using Autodesk Navisworks.

We recognise the benefits of adopting a BIM process and its potential to change and disrupt the architecture engineering and construction industry in which we work. We are committed to continually improving our processes to consistently deliver data-rich BIM models that effectively reduce project risk and add real value to our clients.

Visual Design

Our architectural expertise is enhanced by our experience on visual communications, expanding our interdisciplinary approach to design. 

We have a dedicated Graphic Design studio specialising in wayfinding, large scale graphics, information design and branding. 

Our in-house capability enables us to deliver a wide range of services for our clients, across numerous sectors within the built environment.