Alara Binat and Riane Oukili complete working experience at CZWG

It has been great having two new faces ‘in the office’ this last fortnight. We expected it to be a challenge to provide work experience for two students from the University of Westminster during lockdown, but their enthusiasm for the task and the projects we shared with Alara Binat and Riane Oukili made it a joy.

They were introduced to a range of projects including a complex mixed use planning stage scheme in Homerton, our Oaklands BTR/residential scheme as well as First Way Wembley, our modular student residence and football academy.

They produced a fantastic report on sustainable materials and technologies – so we also learnt a thing or two from them. When asked to comment on their time with CZWG Architects, Alara and Riane said:

"We are both studying Architecture and Architecture Technology at the University of Westminster. During our virtual work experience, we were privileged to be introduced to numerous projects which made us feel like we were a part of the team despite WFH.... we also had the opportunity to research natural sustainable construction materials. This opportunity to learn whilst working with other architects towards the same goal was very inspiring and exciting."

Best of luck for the rest of your studies, Alara and Riane.