This month we held an inaugural CZWG Green SPRING CLEAN to support the launch of the ‘CZWGreen’ initiative to improve our office carbon footprint and workplace environment.

The focused time from the whole practice meant that we had some great successes! Highlights included 25-30 bags of paper, a substantial number of electrical items collected for recycling and one large box of re-usable items for charity. Only one black bag of non-recyclable items was sent for landfill.

The clear out means there is new available storage space, fully restocked stationery supplies, several draw units cleared to make room for current projects and many items upcycled by other members of the office. Staff were also encouraged to spruce up their desk spaces, clean keyboards, de-clutter and catch up on paper and digital filing. The session was followed by an ‘eco’ bake off competition to reward all the good work!

More changes will be coming from the CZWGreen team over the year to help support the health and wellbeing and environmental sustainability initiatives across the studio.