Kent School of Architecture and Planning | Careers Day

CZWG were one of ten architectural practices invited to take part in the 2023 Kent School of Architecture & Planning (KSAP) annual Practitioners event and career fair held every year as part of National Careers Week.

CZWG Architect Alexandra Horsman thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the students and responding to practical questions about expectations of workplace culture, CZWG's design approach, and the day-to-day role of a Part 1 architectural assistant.

Alexandra said, “Many of the students had very specific questions about CVs and I encouraged them to focus on the particular skills they had gained through any work experience or extra-curricular activities and to include any personal interests that might resonate with the values of the employer.”

“Everyone I spoke with was enthusiastic and curious and it was rewarding to have the opportunity to share insight from my own personal and professional experience.”

Thank you to all the staff and our very best wishes to this year's cohort of students.

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