Practice news | Patrick Massey appointed Bartlett Design Lecturer

CZWG is pleased to congratulate Associate Patrick Massey on his appointment as a Design Lecturer teaching 2nd and 3rd-year BSc students at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London.

Patrick is teaching with long-time CZWG collaborator Bongani Muchemwa on a design programme (UG5) focusing on experimental drawing and materials research.

“We're looking at the seaside town of Hastings,” Patrick said. “Our ultimate aim is for the students to design locally integrated, resilient, and uplifting spaces, challenging gentrification and displacement.” 

He added, “What I’m most looking forward to is having some interesting and open discussions with an intelligent and enthusiastic group at the start of their careers.”

Part of the new generation influencing CZWG’s future and direction, Patrick actively seeks opportunities for the practice to collaborate with smaller studios, an aspiration which aligns with our commitment to work with architects whose ideas and perspectives are drawn from different experiences to our own. He has worked on various mixed-use design and delivery schemes, including several high-profile projects in the studio. He was part of the design team to secure planning approval for Phase 5 of the acclaimed Kidbrooke Village masterplan, and was instrumental in the delivery of the new-build elements, façade retention, old meeting new, and the refurbishment of the existing post office on Upper Street of Islington Square, the major mixed-use scheme in Angel, London and winner of a 2021 New London Architecture Award for its successful integration of uses.

Patrick’s strengths lie in his ability to communicate ideas, designs and concepts in a simple and accessible way. He is particularly interested in understanding a place through an integrated process of drawing and research and is passionate about embracing diversity as an integral part of CZWG’s thought process and design culture.