Regent's Park ability bikes

CZWG and Concord London Developments have jointly sponsored the West Euston Partnership Ability Bikes programme in Regent's Park which provides a safe and fun way for people who have physical or learning disabilities to enjoy cycling.

Eight specially adapted bikes are available for use in the park on Saturdays between 11am and 2pm. The bikes are three-wheeled and can be ridden independently, or with the assistance of a companion. This service is completely free.

Felix, 23, is epileptic and has been a regular participant in the programme for over 7 years. Felix’s father Paul says Ability Bikes have been an excellent way for Felix to get good exercise without compromising his safety, “The bikes are fantastic, we are enthusiastic. It’s open air so Felix get all the benefits of being outside. Our thanks to the Programme Leader Richard Louch for his seemingly limitless energy and commitment.”

West Euston Partnership is a community charity working with local people, businesses and organisations to tackle inequalities in health and employment. To find out more about their locally-run events and opportunities, visit their website.