RIBA mentoring student programme

Our team welcomed final year architecture students from Central Saint Martins and the University for the Creative Arts as part of the annual RIBA mentoring programme which takes place each academic year. The mentoring scheme aspires to give opportunities for students to meet with practitioners committed to the future of the profession, and to discuss the role and work of architects today.

CZWG’s RIBA mentors, Viviana Magnarin, Krista Evans and Rob Hebblethwaite, introduced the students to the roles and structure of our studio and a wide range of our current project work to demonstrate design in practice.

Krista Evans said: “The scheme is an excellent way to help students to form a better understanding of the wider roles involved in working on projects - and with clients.”

The students were taken on a site visit of the Islington Square construction site, our major mixed-use conversion and new build redevelopment of the former North London Postal office behind Upper Street - nearing completion this summer.

Student Lucia Lanzalaco said: “My understanding of construction excelled once I was on site. I believe it is vital to be able to step foot onto a construction site, as it transforms your day to day technical drawings and small models into a more tangible vision.”

Our mentors agreed that taking part in the programme was an immensely rewarding experience.

Viviana Magnarin said: “This was my second year of involvement. We try to give the students real insight into the reality of our day-to-day practice life and to help them as much as we can to prepare for their forthcoming year out.”

Student Harry Mortimer said: “I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of the practice, there was a busy-ness and an energy that I had not experienced in a practice previously. I felt that the ethos was much more relaxed than the scale of the practice suggested; it felt like a very comfortable environment within which to work.”

The RIBA are calling for volunteers to express interest in taking part in the programme in the upcoming 2019/20 academic year. See the RIBA website for more information.