RIBA Mentoring Student Programme

Our team welcomed final year architecture students from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Canterbury, as part of the RIBA mentoring programme, which takes place each academic year. The mentoring scheme aspires to give opportunities for students to meet with practitioners committed to the future of the profession, and over a series of meetings are given an insight into practice management and the development of a project.

CZWG’s RIBA mentors, Sonja Karapiperidis and Rob Hebblethwaite arranged for Krista Evans, who was a mentor last year, to show the students around the Oaklands project, on which she is currently project architect.

Krista Evans said: “The scheme is an excellent way to help students to form a better understanding of the wider roles involved in working on projects - and with clients.”

Following the visit the students said: “The experience of visiting the office and the site helped us get a thorough perspective on the design process and the wider reality of the architectural profession. We enjoyed getting exposed to a day to day life of architects. Most importantly the life cycle of projects, including projects in progress, completed or the ones just getting started. CZWG Architects was welcoming and very enthusiastic about fostering our ambitions towards our future careers.”

They were also given career advice by Associate Maribel Mantecon who looks after recruitment at CZWG, and had a chance to chat with our current Part 1 students to discuss their experiences so far.

“Meeting and interacting with part-1 employees in the practice and the recruitment team gave us a better understanding of the bridge between being a student and being a professional architect. We would like to thank the team for taking the time for mentoring us throughout this process.”

This is the second year CZWG volunteered with the programme and our mentors and staff agreed that taking part was an immensely rewarding experience.

The RIBA are calling for volunteers to express interest in taking part in the programme in the upcoming 2020/21 academic year. See the RIBA website for more information.