Sustainability conscious design tools

With Architects Declare this year, our industry conceded that we have reached a tipping point and drastic changes are required. More than ever before, sustainability has been on the public agenda and as Architects, we are in a prime position to drive necessary change. The question is, where and how can we start making a difference?

Last month, as part of our CZWGreen initiative, CZWG Architect Louise Claeys invited Director Thomas Lefevre and Senior Environmental Designer Ed Cremin from Sustainability consultancy Etude to discuss what concrete actions can shape a more resilient future.

Supported by digestible diagrams and self-explanatory construction details, Ed and Thomas delivered a refreshing presentation to our office attended by Partners and staff of all levels. Thomas presented a conscious designer toolkit describing simple design changes to make our building more energy efficient. From designing out inset balconies to identifying Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) optimal locations, he stressed the importance of early investment to maximise the benefits of sustainable design being translated at later stages into economic savings.

Indeed, a recurring concern of practices committed to embrace sustainability is how to convince clients this is the right thing to do. Etude UK make a compelling case, pointing out that ultimately, “this is about improving building quality, decreasing maintenance cost and overall delivering future-proofed assets for our clients”.

CZWG Architect Robert Hebblethwaite commented, “Thomas and Ed spoke of a proactive and holistic approach to sustainability. They gave us tools to get the conversation started and to influence developers’ choices.”

At CZWG we are implementing CZWGreen initiatives to promote healthy low-carbon footprint lifestyles and to become better advocates for reducing the carbon footprint of our industry. Etude UK is a London-based sustainability engineers practice committed to responding to the Climate Emergency. They specialise in low energy building design and environmental assessments.

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