A 30 year Regeneration Story in the Gorbals, Glasgow | Altered Estates 2

The Gorbals’ cyclical reinvention – from terraced homes to ‘streets in the sky’ and back again – echoes the reshaping of Britain’s inner cities in the post-war era, writes Rory Olcayto, in a Case Study of CZWG's 700-home Crown Street masterplan in the 2022 estate regeneration report ‘Altered Estates 2: How to address changing priorities in estate regeneration’. 

‘The strength of CZWG’s masterplan rested on three key moves: the reinstatement of historic street patterns; the provision of family homes (maisonettes) and flats in tenement blocks; and the creation of enclosed shared gardens.’ 

CZWG director Piers Gough recalls: “Our big idea was so simple it is almost ridiculous. In our plan, the two lower floors of the four-storey buildings are maisonettes where families live.”

Altered Estates 2 illuminates the new and continuing challenges to successful estate regeneration in the UK.

Read the case study here (pp 94-97).