Bournemouth Pavilion and Gardens

Location Bournemouth
Client The Trevor Osborne Property Group
Content Retail | Leisure | Landscape
Status Design Proposal

In order to regenerate Bournemouth’s Theatre Quarter, new cultural and leisure facilities are to complement the restoration of the listed Pavilion Theatre and Ballroom. Integrating with the landscape, CZWG’s design extends the existing public garden across the site as a new park, using organic building elements of green-glazed brick to create a linked spiralling procession of restaurants and cafés, with their outside terraces offering dining with sea view over three levels. Concealed beneath are cinemas and a basement level car park.

On the east terrace link to the Theatre, a lightweight elliptic Foyer building provides theatre interval bar facilities and has a back-lit translucent ceiling evoking the form of a chandelier in reference to the adjoining historic heritage building.