Network Rail + RIBA Railway Station Competition

Location UK
Client Network Rail + RIBA
Content Railway station modular design system
Status Concept Design

In an open competition to shape Britain’s future railways, Network Rail and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) sought architects, engineers and designers from across the world to reimagine how small to medium-sized stations can improve the travel experience of the millions of passengers who use Britain’s railway.

CZWG’s response to the competition brief was to propose a modular design system – an open source refined kit of parts that could be assembled and reimagined to meet the diverse needs of the urban and rural communities that depend on their train stations. Our concept centred around the simplicity of an arched structure, a visually striking public space and an architectural element that is synonymous with the history of rail. 

We proposed the use of sustainable cross laminated timber (CLT) to allow for pre-fabricated modular construction to reduce waste and embodied carbon, the provision for solar PV panels, and encouraged biodiversity through living roofs and walls to form a natural boundary between the private rail network and the public spaces around the station.

Intended to be downloadable as an open source kit of parts, the proposal would allow communities to design their station according to local needs and to create a sense of ownership from day one.