Basildon Town Masterplan

Location Basildon
Client Basildon Borough Council | Barratt | Wilson Bowden (BWB)
Content 72ha Residential, Retail, College, Landscape, Leisure and Public Space
Status Phase 1 Completed

Basildon is a new town originally conceived to absorb the surplus population of post war London; Basildon was designated a new town in 1949 and construction began in 1951. The town centre had suffered from rapid decline over the last decade and CZWG was lead designers to the town centre regeneration team, commissioned by the council and their development partners – (BWB). The town centre study area covers a total of 72 hectares, an area that includes both the town centre core and its surrounding transition zone. Following appraisal of evidence, the drivers for change were identified as; a greater diversity of use; accessibility, critical mass – density and rationalized development opportunities; the whole grounded in commercial and economic realism.

The intended function of the master plan is as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) attached to the Local Development Framework (LDF). The master plan is the vehicle that through commitment will enable the realization of the overall strategic vision and ambitions for the individual regeneration areas.