Alfred Court

Location West Hampstead, London
Client Sager Group
Content 72 Residential Units | 3,451m² Retail
Status Built

2010 British Homes Award, Highly Commended
2010 London Evening Standard Award, Winner

Alfred Court is near the upper end of Fortune Green Road next to The Green itself and the extensive North London Cemetery. The triangular shaped site is freestanding from any other buildings with long south and west frontages to these green parkland spaces. The street façade emphasises the bend in the road by setting back at its centre to create a generous concave curve which makes a wider pavement for display and outdoor seating. The strong horizontal emphasis of the curve is counterbalanced by the vertical stack of balconies over the various front doors to the building. The frontage to Fortune Green itself is also generously curved with cantilevered balconies and a pavilion like element at its centre top under a pronounced copper coloured roof. On the west side the curves are lovely bay-like waves which capture more sun and views.

The stepped back ziggurated form provides generous terraces to the apartments. The upper floors have spectacular panoramic views over London. The reflective appearance of the façades is provided by dark bricks which have been salt glazed during firing to give them a silvery sheen. The slightly brooding quality is intended to enhance the atmosphere of the adjacent cemetery. Another unusual feature of the building is the individual roof gardens each with their own swimming pool. As well as apartments on the upper floors, the building comprises of a major health club, shops, cafés and underground car parking.