Fulham Island

Location Fulham, London
Client Manhattan Loft Corporation
Content 31 Residential Units | Office | Retail
Status Built

2004 Civic Trust Award, Commended
2003 London Evening Standard Award, Winner

Although Fulham is an affluent borough, its central shopping area had become rather run down. This entire street block, a dilapidated mixture of listed buildings and the extremely ordinary, became an exemplary piece of urban mixed-use re-build and re-use. The whole ground floor area was developed for shops and restaurants of very varying sizes supporting a first-floor central garden, around which a mixture of office and residential space was planned, the garden also giving access and thus beneficial use to the upper part of listed shops.

A sunny Californian approach to the new architecture (being ‘out west’ of London) spawned spatter coloured brickwork, coloured stainless steel, palm trees and a powder blue spiralling office building – giving Fulham an upbeat heart to rival that of neighbouring Chelsea.