Poplar Baths

Location Tower Hamlets, London
Client Guildmore
Content 60 Residential Units (Social Rent for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets)
Status Built

This scheme will provide much-needed housing and facilities the community can enjoy, including excellent leisure facilities.

Councillor Rabina Khan, Cabinet Member for Housing

The Poplar Baths residential building is the residential component of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Poplar Baths regeneration and urban renewal project.

The historic Baths building is Grade II Listed and a dominant presence on East India Dock Road adjacent to the All Saints and Lansbury Conservation Areas, the historic core of Poplar. The project comprises of two parts. Restoration of the Grade II Listed Baths, undertaken by PRS Architects and a new 60-unit apartment building just south of the Baths, on land becoming available with the regeneration of the Baths, and undertaken by CZWG.

The residential building is responsive to adjacencies, being sited in a constrained urban location between the Baths, existing residential buildings, and the DLR rail tracks. A varied mix of apartment types are configured within the constraints of the site in order to meet the local housing needs.

The massing of the building is responsive to the adjoining conservation areas and the Baths. The building is set back on the southern edge to permit uninterrupted views of the spire of All Saints Church to the east. When viewed from the north the massing is split centrally, the slimmer split elements in accord with the towers of the Baths.

The building is clad in a high-quality brick similar to that used on the Baths, a clear distinction is maintained between solid and void, in order to maintain a continuity of the robust and distinctive architectural presence displayed by the Baths building.

The overall robust form is given further definition using projecting cornice, horizontal fins and balconies all clad in a reflective metallic gold finish, further under scoring the historic links with the Baths.