Red Square

Location Stoke Newington, London
Client Ballymore Properties
Content 114 Live / Work Units
Status Built

The legacy of industry in the backland of more peripheral urban residential areas had a paradigm in the site at Carysfort Road – a complex site shape intermeshed with a residential entourage suffering from the impact of the 32- tonne delivery truck. Here the combination live / work units satisfied the demands of employment use with more residentially compatible truck movement. Overcoming the potential isolation of living and working within the same building was key to the design; circulation was externalised using a first-floor access deck serving upper duplex units.

It became not only a socially interactive route but provided commercial exposure in the public realm, paralleling the ground level ‘mews’ concept. The scheme contains 114 live / work units, creating enough critical mass to promote the inter-provision of services within the working community.