The Glass Building

Location Camden, London
Client London Buildings
Content 32 Residential Units | Retail | Restaurant
Status Built

The visual effect is of a series of curved bays… these bay widths coincide with the curves of the apartments. Thus the rhythm of the façade is a direct consequence of its internal arrangement. A building that tries to be beautiful by being true to itself and its site.

Piers Gough, Founding Director, CZWG Limited

The Glass Building responds to demands for maximum space and light in Metropolitan housing. Learning from lofts formed from the conversion of large windowed industrial raw space, this new build proposes large shell spaces for mixed uses fronted with an all glass facade onto the streets. To the rear the access deck is reinvented as ziggurated wide terraces overlooking a Japanese water garden. In a street of buildings historically related to storage and manufacture, this scheme celebrates these former uses with a series of big interlocking drums of differing heights. 

The upper floors are 25 residential shells accessed via the water garden above a ground floor Japanese noodle restaurant. Unusually there is a consistent elevation through all floors including terrace balustrades, the glazing for each successive floor setting back slightly, giving the effect of small telescopic gasometers.The form of the storage buildings is contradicted in the materials – glass in steel frames – the overall effect being one of lightness.