The Stones

Location Greatstone-on-Sea
Client Private Landowner
Size 200m²
Status Built

For more information on this project please contact Luigi Beltrandi.

The site is at a bend in the long seafront road as it turns inland between Dungeness and Greatstone on Sea and the end of a strip of beach front detached houses dating from the mid-20th century to today. It is protected from the beach by high sand dunes and is part of a protected coastal area controlled by Natural England.

Although the plot is relatively large extending to the high watermark, the actual buildable area is restricted. The requirement for a garage, provision for visitors parking and a turning area further limit the usable external space at ground floor.

The design creates a dynamic form that responds to the surrounding landscape providing different spatial experiences as one moves through the building internally and around it externally. The internal accommodation is arranged with the living area and master bedroom suite at first floor, hovering over the dunes overlooking the beach and the Channel beyond, with the additional bedrooms at ground floor.

The plan and vertical forms are composed of truncated triangles which overlap to create irregular rhomboid forms aligned with the principal views over this unique sea-front landscape.

A cantilever balcony at first floor and a more private terrace at mezzanine level provide the usable external spaces. To the south, the façade creates a termination to the seafront road. The sloping and curved roadside elevation in salt glazed brickwork follows the bend creating a buffer between the road and the internal accommodation. The seafront elevation overlooking the beach emphasizes the double-height living area with a large truncated triangular window facing the sea. The inclined profile of the living space with its external timber cladding echo the form of inverted hulls of ships which feature constantly at the horizon.