Barnsley Markets

Location Yorkshire
Client The 1249 Regeneration Partnership
Content 50,000m² Retail and Leisure
Status Design Proposal

Barnsley, formerly a major mining town, is reinventing itself for the 21st Century, having commissioned a radical masterplan by architect Will Alsop. The joint venture of CZWG and Holder Mathias is part of the winning consortium to rebuild Barnsley Markets (first chartered in 1249), a central part of the masterplan, to create a memorable new centre for Barnsley town. The scheme will comprise of a market building, shopping streets, a six-screen cinema and a car park. After clearing the site of a tired 1960s shopping complex, the idea is to extend the existing shopping streets of the town with the new shops, the market building being casbah-like on three levels.

The scheme includes two pedestrian public spaces, the historic May Day Green and the new Market Square. Barnsley Markets will totally revitalise the town at its heart. It will provide a memorable sequence of public streets and spaces lined with colourful exciting architecture. The people of the area will enjoy a high quality of shopping, restaurants and cinema experience in an environment conducive to relaxing and socialising at the very heart of town.