Brindleyplace Café

Location Birmingham
Client Argent
Content 70m² Café and Bar
Status Built

1998 Royal Fine Art Commission Building of the Year Award, Winner
1997 BIAT Open Award for Technical Excellence, Commended

This new café is the centrepiece of the central square at Brindleyplace and is CZWG’s response to the brief’s requirement for a focal point of the new commercial development at Brindleyplace. The ‘eye-shaped’ glass and steel building is at the centre of a radial pattern of York stone paving within an intensive landscape of semi-mature trees, sculpture, a large water feature and ‘shaped’ grassed areas.

Its own structure is also sculptural, consisting of tubular steel frame that is completely glazed. Vertical structural columns are continuous with roof members and cross over at the ridge to form canopies which mirror the footprint of the building. Only 14m by 7.6m wide at its widest point, the café seats 40 people with provision for over 100 covers al fresco.