St Peter's Port

Location Ipswich
Client Braceforce
Content 330-Bed Hotel | Office | Retail
Status Planning Granted

Cardinal Wolsey built a college on this site in the 16th century, though only a gate remains. Subsequent uses included a Quaker Meeting House, an iron foundry and a confectionary works. It now lies redundant between the east and west bound carriageways of the Ipswich ring road and is thus prominent to motorists and inhospitable to pedestrians. But the project is able to create a stepping stone of activity between the town centre to the north and the newly regenerated quayside to the south, providing hotels, offices, shops and restaurants all above a basement car park.

The towers of two medieval churches standing immediately to the east and west of the site generate a glazed-roof axis providing a pedestrian haven lined with shops and restaurants at the heart of the development. The whole is wrapped in a carapace of glass to resist the staining of traffic fumes, its hard glossiness matching the knapped flint of the churches.