St Ann’s Wharf

Location Newcastle
Client AMEC Developments
Content 6,500m² Office
Status Built

Tyne and Wear Development Corporation commissioned a masterplan from architects Terry Farrell & Partners for the regeneration of Newcastle Quayside and implemented the infrastructure. CZWG won the competition to design an office building on a site co-joining two adjacent plots pre-let to one of the largest law firms in the north-east. The merging of the plots was a deviation from the masterplan, which had a pedestrian route between the two plots descending across a site that sloped steeply towards the river. The pedestrian route was moved downstream but CZWG retained the idea of the link in the form of a twin-vaulted glazed gateway straddling the level change, providing a vista through the five-storey building whilst maintaining the function of entrance hall.

The brief called for architecture of solidity and the building was conceived as an apparent three-part casting – base, band and top. The base and top are in sculptural precast concrete and the intermediate band in semi-engineering brick. The building conveys a collegiate feel commensurate with the scholarship of the law.