Charles Jencks Cosmic House | RIBA Journal Culture Review

“Charles Jencks’ home turned museum uses rich symbolism and wry humour to make serious points about PoMo, culture and the cosmos,” writes Chris Foges.

The Cosmic House was the family home of the late architectural historian, critic, writer and designer Charles Jencks. Begun in 1978, it was a collaboration between Charles and Maggie Jencks and Terry Farrell with contributions from Founding Director Piers Gough, Eduardo Paolozzi, Michael Graves, Allen Jones and others. Its symbolic architecture, complex iconography and cosmic references are all imbued with Jencks’ characteristic learning and wit - Piers' trompe l’oeil jacuzzi was based on an inverted Renaissance dome.

The Cosmic House will be opening as a public museum and archive on 24 September 2021. 

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