Design for Planet Festival | Designing with nature

CZWG architect and biotechnology researcher Pippa McLeod-Brown was honoured to speak at the Design for Planet Festival earlier this month, joining over 100 experts leading on sustainability and climate action and meeting a host of pioneering people from in and around the design industry.

Pippa presented some of the exciting work being undertaken by the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (HBBE), where researchers and scientists are developing and testing biotechnologies in a purpose built (h)OME for more sustainable built environments. In her cross-disciplinary capacity, Pippa uses her industry experience as a practicing architect with CZWG to inform research decisions at HBBE and to find points of entry for sustainable biotech in live practice projects.

Reflecting on the two-day event, Pippa said, “The hardest hitting talk was by climate scientist Kevin Anderson who laid out the severity of the climate emergency using data from the AR6 IPCC report. It was an uncomfortable but necessary realisation of the immediate and profound system changes required to tackle this crisis.

Kevin’s reality check along with the galvanising talks from design leaders has helped me reflect on my working practices and be critical of whether my actions as a researcher and architect match the urgency of the climate crisis. I feel a new energy to use the power held by designers to instigate positive change for the planet, design by design.”

The Design for Planet Festival was organised by Design Council in partnership with V&A Dundee, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Architecture & Design Scotland and Snook.  For more information on the event, and to listen back to the recorded live sessions, go to the Design for Planet website

Or you could read the fantastic digested read written by Cat Drew, Chief Design Officer at Design Council (with sketch notes created by Hazel White).