Northstowe | Green light for a new Sustainable Community Centre

We are proud to announce the approval of a new community centre in Northstowe, designed to be a hub for the growing community and an exemplar of sustainable development.

CZWG Director Adam West said: “We are delighted that the residents of Northstowe are a step closer to realising their plans for a place where they can socialise and be entertained and where their growing number of community groups and societies can meet up. It’s been a pleasure to work with the council and be able to respond so positively to the environmental challenges that lay ahead.”

A key aspect of the proposal is its holistic sustainability strategy developed with Expedition Engineering. The design responds to seven themes of climate resilience, biodiversity enhancements, net zero carbon, circular economy and waste management, water conservation, sustainable mobility and connectivity, and health and well-being.

The timber-framed, two-storey building will feature distinctive roof forms aiding natural ventilation and a colonnade, creating a welcoming and accessible space. It will provide a range of flexible gathering and activity spaces, including a bustling foyer, a cafe, and dedicated meeting rooms. A large double-height main hall will spill out onto The Green, while a courtyard garden will offer outdoor break-out areas and a 'messy activity' space.

The community centre is designed to Passivhaus level standards of insulation and air tightness, setting a benchmark for sustainable and inclusive community spaces, catering to the needs of people of all ages and abilities. It is a fitting addition to Northstowe's 'NHS Healthy New Town' designation, promoting health and well-being through its design and programming.

23-12-14 Northstowe  Green light for a new Sustainable Community Centre.jpg23-12-14 Northstowe  Green light for a new Sustainable Community Centre .jpg