Piers Gough CBE RA | Tracing Postmodernities

CZWG director Piers Gough discussed the evolution of the practice's postmodern work with architect Sam Jacob and community engagement strategist Daisy Froud in the first episode of the Architecture Foundation’s Tracing Postmodernities, a new series of conversations exploring the ways that postmodernity impacted the architectural cultures of the UK and the Netherlands in the seventies and eighties.

“There are lots of incredibly delightful buildings being built by different architects ... [that have] come out of a postmodernism sensibility. Of a sense of - I can pick up bits of a past, or bits of Mediterranean. If it works, it works. If I can make it work, if I can bring it in to the British way of life and do it, then it's becoming a richer, more plural, more fascinating place.”

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