University of Westminster | Work experience students

Last week we welcomed two Final Year undergraduate students from the University of Westminster School of Architecture & Cities.

Michael Molloy and Velina Drakalieva worked together to research the sustainability and regenerative design potential of an active proposal in the studio, ending with a Friday design crit to the office. It was fantastic to see their focus and enthusiasm for low tech solutions that supported the brief. 

Michael said, “The programme was my first experience being part of an architectural practice and I feel enormously lucky to have spent it at CZWG. Everyone readily offered their time and expertise when I had questions. The attitude and aptitude of all staff to help and support was incredible. It was exciting for me to see how projects are managed and how the firm clearly demonstrates progress through the RIBA work stages. It was great to have the opportunity to interpret what I’ve learnt through my studies in a practical setting, and vice versa, the take-aways from my experience with CZWG will now have a significant impact on my final design.”

Velina said, “I was pleasantly surprised to see that in most projects, sustainability of the design, materials and technologies as well as social/community focus are key requirements. This is an important overlap with the university education ethos. My take-away from the week is that an architect, an architectural technologist or a technician can play different roles in a project given what stage it is in - from conceptual design through to final technical details and one can have an actual impact on the final building, which can be very rewarding.”

The students completed their virtual experience through daily reviews alongside invitations to participate in all aspects of practice life - team meetings, client presentations, internal design reviews, introductions to BIM and visualisations and office updates.

CZWG architectural technologist Alara Binat, who joined CZWG after completing her work experience with the practice in 2021 said, “It was a pleasure to help run the programme this year. As a recent graduate from Westminster, I was in the same position not very long ago.”

Michael added, “CZWG is going through a number of exciting changes, including an office move, this in addition to managing Covid rules, highlighted just how far the firm was willing to go to show their determination and commitment to offer mentorship and tutoring to students.”

Thank you for your time with us Michael and Velina, we wish you the best of luck with the rest of your studies.